The Mortgage Bankers Association of New York consists of a diverse membership of real estate and business specialists whose mission is to provide the most professional service to the public and private sectors in an informative, ethical and dedicated manner to meet the ever evolving challenges facing the real estate finance industry.


  • To promote the welfare of the real estate finance industry of New York State;
  • To encourage sound and ethical business practices in the real estate finance industry of New York State;
  • To provide business networking opportunities to its members; and to provide current education on real estate finance to its members.

The association endeavors to create an environment developing innovative business tools, educating and training industry professionals, providing a forum for the sharing of ideas and business networking, and informing the real estate finance industry on legislative and regulatory issues.

President’s Message

Zahara Jafri, President

I am honored to address you as the newly appointed President of the Mortgage Bankers Association of New York. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I take on this role, and I want to express my commitment to working diligently with the Board of Directors on behalf of our membership.

I am eager to lead our association into a future marked by success, innovation, and industry growth.

As we stand on the threshold of a new year, I envision a path of collaborative achievements. Together, we will navigate the evolving landscape of the mortgage industry, embracing opportunities for advancement and ensuring the continued success of our esteemed association.

The challenges we face are opportunities in disguise, and I am confident that with your collective expertise and dedication, we will not only overcome hurdles but also set new standards of excellence. Our commitment to providing resources, fostering education, and promoting industry connections remains unwavering, as we aim to empower each member in their professional journey.

I invite each of you to actively participate in shaping the future of our association. Your insights, ideas, and engagement are crucial as we work together to strengthen our position in the industry and ensure the prosperity of our members.

Thank you for your trust and support. I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and am confident that, together, we will achieve remarkable success. Here’s to a future filled with growth, collaboration, and shared triumphs.

Zahra Jafri, President

Meet the Board


Golf Committee Chair:  Peter Millar

Membership Chair: Fred McDonald

Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) Chair: Liz Mahoney

Website Committee Chair: Doug Giles

Legal Counsel

James C. Ricca, Partner, Forchelli, Deegan, Terrana

Phone: 516-812-638 | Fax: 516-750-6463 | E-Mail: JRicca@ForchelliLaw.com

Our History

There is an old saying “history never looks like history when you are living through it”. During good times or challenging times, periods of great development or times of economic uncertainty, the one constant that the New York real estate community has come to rely on has been the Mortgage Bankers Association of New York, Inc.

Born out of the post-war real estate boom in 1948, the MBA of New York has promoted the welfare of the real estate finance industry of New York State ever since. Our purpose for existence and our mission have transcended every real estate cycle since our inception. We have always endeavored to provide our membership with high quality networking opportunities, topical educational programming on matters relevant to the times and be an advocate for their interests in the political and business arenas on issues affecting our industry.

Over the years, our Past Presidents, Officers and Boards of Governors have been leaders of our industry and have always graciously volunteered their time to serve. The MBA of New York proudly recognizes the history created by our Past Presidents and gratefully acknowledges not only their service to our industry but also their contributions to our organization over the years.

High interest rates, low interest rates, inflation, deflation, stagflation, over-building, under-building, tight credit,easy credit, no credit, credit crunches and, of course, long periods of prosperity. The MBA of New York and its members have lived through it all. And, for every situation we have lived through, combined with all that we have learned from our past, the MBA of New York and its members have always emerged stronger, smarter, tougher and better- together.

After all, we’re the MBA of New York!

Past Presidents

Jonathan Stern2020-2023
Gregory Nuber2018-2020
David Soares2016-2018
Frederick A. McDonald, Jr.2014-2016
Brian Scesney2012-2014
Michael B. Fletcher2010-2012
Michael J. Hurley, Jr., Esq.2008-2010
Gerard Zapata2006-2008
Douglas H. Forsyth2004-2006
Henry Boeckmann III2002-2004
James T. Freel2000-2002
Janet Knipfing1999-2000
Michael P. McManus1998-1999
George Bossis1997-1998
Steven B. Jason1996-1997
Richard A. Nardi1995-1996
Russell G. Matthews1994-1995
Patricia Niemas1993-1994
Lawrence J. Longua1992-1993
Mark A. Iannone1991-1992
Anthony J. Harney1990-1991
Frank J. Harvey1989-1990
Michael Adler1988-1989
Jane E. Greenstein1987-1988
Richard J. Santoro1986-1987
Malcolm Rosenberg1985-1986
Joseph B. Tocharshewsky1984-1985
Louis E. Hathaway, III1983-1984
Marilyn L. Brown1982-1983
H.L. Van Varick1981-1982
George A. Metzger1980-1981
Thomas F. Roberts, III1979-1980
Robert F. Hill1978-1979
Frank J. Finan1977-1978
Patrick J. Gavin1976-1977
Peter C. Haeffner, Jr.1975-1976
George F. Brunner1974-1975
Frederick E. Bolk1973-1974
Thomas G. Davis, Jr.1972-1973
Arthur I. Sonnenblick1971-1972
William F. Reynolds1970-1971
John B. Bailey1969-1970
Vincent J. Quinn1968-1969
Cornelius C. Rose, Jr.1967-1968
William C. Plog1965-1966
Charles H.Haynsworth1965
James E.Gorman1964
William J. Gill1963-1964
Thomas H. Quin1962-1963
Philip L. Greenawalt1961-1962
John F. Eleford1960-1961
Russel G. Smith1959-1960
Eugene J. McCarthy1958-1959
William C. Batchelder1957-1958
Albert E. Berkeley1956-1957
Harry M. Huter1955-1956
Lawrence A. Epter1954-1955

Board of Governors

Officers 2022-2023

Board of Governors 2022-2023

Advisory Board Member

Gregory Nuber

Past President

(National Bank of Kuwait)


James C. Ricca

Partner; Co-Chair, Banking & Finance
Forchelli Deegan Terrana LLP


Committee Chairs 2022-2023