Mentor 360 Program

The MBA of NY Scholarship Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization that fosters inclusive, community-minded real estate industry engagement through mentorship, education and financial support.

Prospective scholarship candidates must be attending NYC based, accredited academic institutions to be eligible to apply.

The Scholarship Foundation puts the mission of the MBA of NY: advocating inclusive professional opportunity and education in real estate, into action. Additionally, the Foundation is a natural complement to our Mentor 360 Program, where successful real estate professionals share the wisdom of personal experience and industry expertise at critical points in the path toward success of our proteges and emerging leaders.

About Mentor 360˚ Program

Now in our 8th year, the MBA of NY Mentor 360 Program has successfully paired over 150 young professionals and real estate graduate students with dedicated, experienced industry professionals.

Focused on our mission of creating an impactful and empowering professional development program, we’ve grown into a sought-after industry leading platform for both successful real estate professionals eager to share their expertise and emerging industry leaders seeking to accelerate the upward trajectory of their career.

Guided by a goal focused engagement, each protégé | mentor relationship grows organically yet purposefully to develop the tools necessary to make the maximum professional impact.

From exploring multiple career options to developing specific skills to earn a promotion to getting the warm introduction for a new job, each protégé is empowered to take control of their professional life while every mentor has earned the satisfaction of having a lasting and positive influence on the future of our industry.

During the approximate eight (8) month engagement commencing in September of each year, our proteges have personal access to a dedicated mentor as well as a virtually limitless group of industry professionals eager to support career interests and goals.

Additionally, as MBA of NY members, our protégés can engage with the larger MBA of NY Community and have multiple opportunities available only to Mentor 360 participants, including:

  • Happy Hour Networking Events
  • Curated internships
  • MBA of NY Committee Assignments
  • MBA of NY Event Volunteers

Contact for more information.